From a theoretical perspective, management science distinguishes clearly between the concepts of a strategy, and the business model used to drive the firm and achieve that strategy. The two can overlap when it comes to strategy implementation, though, because actions intended to achieve strategic objectives also impact the business model.

Does this matter, in practical terms? If so, of what do law firm leaders need to be mindful when thinking about either concept? In this short article published by the Law Management Section of the Law Society of England & Wales today, Rob offers an approach to law firm business models that is client-centric and focused on transformation.

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This post is scripted from an IBA webinar today, most ably moderated by Stephen Revell, which I was privileged to co-present with Elizabeth Cooper, Maria-Pia Hope, Steve Martin and Segun Osuntokun. At the time I was physically located on a remote hilltop in the Isles of Scilly, 25 miles into the Atlantic off the south-west tip of Cornwall, illustrating rather well one of the key points that I made. That is: it’s already easy today (and will in the near future be far easier) to work and collaborate effectively from even quite remote locations.
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