This post is scripted from an IBA webinar today, most ably moderated by Stephen Revell, which I was privileged to co-present with Elizabeth Cooper, Maria-Pia Hope, Steve Martin and Segun Osuntokun. At the time I was physically located on a remote hilltop in the Isles of Scilly, 25 miles into the Atlantic off the south-west tip of Cornwall, illustrating rather well one of the key points that I made. That is: it’s already easy today (and will in the near future be far easier) to work and collaborate effectively from even quite remote locations.
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Earlier today, on a webinar about future legal skills, I was asked to mention a thing that I wish I’d learned far earlier in my career. I did and I’ll blog about that later, but this post I’m going to devote instead to something else that I also mentioned on the webinar, that I am glad that I learned early on. Project management.
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At this time, with our attention consumed by COVID-19’s death toll and the impact on the world’s economies together with deeply upsetting upwellings of racial anger in the United States, it is easy in the UK to lose sight of another disaster potentially looming. A no-deal Brexit in just over six months. (You hadn’t forgotten about Brexit, had you?)Continue Reading Remember Brexit?

airline_covidWill life be back to normal in a couple of weeks? Is there a new normal? What does that even mean? In most countries in Asia, Europe and North America, where Covid-19 infection rates are slowing and beginning to decline, the lockdowns will probably begin to be lifted soon.

People will be able to return to work and businesses will begin to open. The pressure to ease lockdowns is inexorable, driven far more by a need to reignite the world’s economies than by people desperate to return to crowded cities and public mass transport systems. It will not be long, now.Continue Reading A new normal, or the end of normal?